The Jaan Kaplinski Society will be founded as a non-profit organization which will apply for funding to carry out it’s various goals. To facilitate the founding of the society, we kindly ask for initial donations to cover costs such as state fess, website, accounting etc. We invite the founding members to consider a donation of 25 euros for this purpose (students and retired persons according to their means).

The yearly membership fee has been decided by the founding members:

  • 24 euros (full fee)
  • 12 euros (for pupils, students, pensioners)

We kindly ask you to transfer the membership fees and donations to:

Recipient: Jaan Kaplinski Selts
Bank: LHV Bank. Tartu mnt 2, 10145 Tallinn, Estonia
IBAN: EE307700771007897558
Description: membership fee

For international transfers, you can also use PayPal and transfer the donation to

If you feel you can support our goals with a larger donation than the inital 25 euros, please use the same bank credentials.

As stated in our vision, the long terms goals of the Society include the renovation of the villa constructed by Aino and Oskar Kallas, which was later bought by Jaan Kaplinski’s grandfather. Donations are also welcome to support this goal. In the future we will consider setting up a special fund either with the Tartu Cultural Endowment or other respected institution. At that moment, we will transfer all donations to the new fund.

Management of Society’s finances will be carried out by the board who will report to the founders at yearly general assembly. Today we ask all questions about financing to be directed either to Lemmit Kaplinski: or +3725118619